Diane Edgell

Diane is a freelance Training Consultant who has a fast-paced schedule, with targets and deadlines, working long hours and not taking enough time to think about a good work/life balance with friends and family. Diane is now realising the importance of a good work/life balance and the necessity to prioritise what she feels is important; she has now been able to make sure that she takes time to consider both her mental well-being and the importance of setting realistic and achievable work goals

“Michael has helped me realise that now I have built up my business, I can step back and make more time for family and friends. They like the new me and the time that I now spend relaxing and socialising with them. I am also sleeping much better and not going to bed making lists of things I didn’t get around to doing but congratulating myself on the things I did achieve during the day.”

Sue Hein

Sue is a Team Leader in a large aerospace manufacturing company and has worked for the company for nearly 30 years. Sue has come to view her work colleagues as family and relies on work relationships rather that making new friends. This has resulted in Sue feeling isolated when not at work and her confidence isn’t the same when having to face people and places in new situation. I have helped Sue build her self-confidence and she has now started to venture out into the world without trepidation.

“Mike is really good at listening to what I have to say, and he has a gift of getting the best out of me, I really don’t know how he does it, and how, what he says makes so much sense. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for what he has done and how it’s really making me think about things for the better.”

Malcolm Richards

Malcolm is a Corporate Lawyer working for the Local Government. Malcolm struggles with working relationships and finds it difficult to express himself without seeming to be aloof and non-communicative. We have worked together to develop Malcolm’s communication and inter-personal skills, and ways of working collaboratively. Malcolm is now able to work much better as part of the team and has found that work colleagues view him differently. Malcolm has also now started to socialise with work colleagues after work.

“I have been working with Mike over the last year and have seem a vast improvement in how I view myself, and how I am viewed by others. I now feel part of the team and can express my opinions in a way that I was never able to do before.”

David Marsh, CEO

David is the CEO for a medium sized company in manufacturing. David started the family company some 25 years ago. Many senior managers started with the company at its inception and have grown into their current positions without any real understanding, or training, in leadership or effective management. Now with a middle management and operational workforce of circa 500, many of whom have worked across other industries, David has realised that the culture of the organisation was in need of management and leadership training in order to equip senior management, middle management, and operations team leaders with the skills and strategies necessary to effectively get the best out of the workforce and, ultimately, maximise productivity.

“If you want to grow your leadership skills Mike can help! Mike is a true leader and management coach. His workshops are packed with input, yet easy to take in. Mike knows how to inspire a group to reach a goal and is an impressive facilitator, who has had a great influence on me personally. His foresight can help people at all levels within an organisation and I would highly recommend Mike for coaching at the executive level.”